Peaple have created a great variety of goods to make more prosperous and comfortable life come true. Automobiles, computers, electric appliances and industrial machines….Dream and wisdom of each period are packed into those products.
Japanese industrial products, which are famous of the best perfection and performance in the world,are composed of thousands and thousands of parts and performance of a machine depends on quality of each part.
Daiichi Kiko have supplied customers with high quality in process products and machined parts, using the most developed production know-how of cold drawing and cold forging.
We are proud that we made all possible efforts to produce more accurate and efficient products and we have contributed to development of the industrial world as a woker in the background.
Rapid progress of "mechatronics" are changing industrial structure and our life now, where we are playing an important roll as not only just a middle processor between a raw material supplier and a parts-maker but also like a bridge between people and goods, the present and the future, by adding value on raw material and relaying them to next process.
The 21st century is just around the corner. Daiichi Kiko aim to contribute to development of our society through supplying customers with useful products.